Spaghetti with tuna Bolognese

Ciavarella Cristiano

We offer you a tasty and easy to make first course based on simple ingredients: spaghetti with tuna Bolognese. The recipe was deposited at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, thus officially entering among the traditional dishes.

320 g of spaghetti
180 g of quality tuna in oil
1 pink onion of normal size
700 g of fresh tomatoes (or a 400 g can of peeled tomatoes)
extra virgin olive oil

Slice the onion very thinly and sauté it gently in a pan with the olive oil.

When it becomes transparent, add the peeled tomatoes cut into chunks, add salt and continue cooking until they are well blended and the sauce is a little reduced (about 30 minutes).

10 minutes from the end of cooking, add the coarsely chopped tuna. In the meantime you will have placed a large saucepan on the fire to boil the spaghetti. Drain them al dente in a hot bowl and toss with the prepared sauce.

Transfer the spaghetti with tuna Bolognese to serving plates and serve immediately.

Enjoy your meal!

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