How can I recognize a form of Parmesan “Parmigiano Reggiano” DOP?

Ciavarella Cristiano

Let’s start with the definition of Italian Sounding

This is a phenomenon that presupposes the use of trademarks, images and geographical names that evoke Italy to market foreign products not attributable to our country.

This phenomenon has also ended up affecting Parmesan “Parmigiano Reggiano”, with the marketing of cheeses not even remotely similar to the King of Cheeses. In fact, the Parmigiano Consortium has raised its defenses in the fight against Italian Sounding open with the United States. In the USA, showing people a fictitious package of “Parmesan” produced in America, no difference is noticed with the original Italian product.

Every year this deception affects millions of people causing serious damage to producers. Thousands of tons of Parmesan are irregularly circulated in the United States according to European legislation on PDOs, but not yet considered as such by industry and American legislation. In recent months, the Italian Sounding phenomenon has also taken hold online. Cristiano

Two types of marks are affixed to the forms of Parmesan “Parmigiano Reggiano”: those of origin and those of selection.


  • the signs impressed with the marking band along the entire side of the wheel, which bear the wording in dots with the writing “PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO”, the serial number of the dairy producer, the month and year of production, the writing “DOP “, The words” CONSORZIO TUTELA “; the casein plaque, applied to the surface and bearing the wording” CFPR “, the alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies each individual shape and the Datamatrix code.


The selection mark (hot brand) is applied to the 12-month wheels that pass the selection exam, or the expertise carried out to evaluate the external appearance of the shape and the structure (by beating with the hammer). The selection mark, which is branded, consists of an oval in which the words “Consorzio Tutela Parmigiano-Reggiano” and the year of production are inscribed.

  • Check the color: that of real Parmesan varies from straw-gold to pale straw.
  • The King of Cheeses is made only of king ingredients: milk, rennet and salt. If the label contains other ingredients or preservatives, it is not an original product
Ciavarella Cristiano

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